2022 Movement Research ACROSS

Dabke Community Dancing

Workshop with Medhat Aldaabal and Musician Adel Sabawi

Friday, 10 June 2022, 5 – 6.15pm
Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

For several years now Sasha Waltz & Guests and Berlin Mondiale have been presenting “Dabke Community Dancing” with Medhat Aldaabal and Adel Sabawi and will now for the first time invite participants to dance at ACROSS.
The traditional circle dance is popular in the Middle East and now also in Berlin. “When I see that people are happy and smiling, then I feel that I become part of this country and the country part of me”. (Medhat Aldaabal)Adel Sabawi, Syrian guitarist lives in Berlin, playing the instrument back home in Damascus for more than 20 years has gave him an excellent experience in performing and creating remarkable transitions between quarters and half notes on the guitar.

Medhat Aldaabal

Medhat Aldaabal studied at the Higher Institute of Drama and Art Department Dance in Syria, and performed with diverse dance groups in the Arab region. Since his move to Berlin in 2015, he continued his education by taking part in a variety of contemporary dance workshops and started teaching and creating his own work: “AMAL", "DONT KILL TWICE", "SLEEPING MEMORIES (work in process)", "HULM”. With the musician Ali Hasan, he initiated "Dabke Community", a project collaborating with dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests and worked with several choreographers, amongst whom Nir de Volff, Christine Bonansea, Mirjam Gurtner and Hanna Hegenscheidt.

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Adel Sabawi

Adel Sabawi, a Syrian guitarist living in Berlin, started playing the instrument back home in Damascus and has been practising and performing for more than 20 years now. This vast experience allowed him to achieve excellency in creating remarkable transitions between quarter and half notes on the guitar.