2023 Movement Research ACROSS POLY(e)MOTION

Scores of Intimacy

Performance by Juan Betancurth in collaboration with Romany Dear & Daniel Neumann

16 June 2023, 4.30 - 5.30 PM
Rathausvorplatz Wedding / Wedding Town Hall Square

›Scores of Intimacy‹ is a performance concept based on the design of a deck of 66 graphic cards displaying various geometric figures. These abstract drawings function as a choreographic entry point to start a communication between the visuals, the performer and the sound artist. For the occasion of POLY(e)MOTION the project will engage with the idea of an ›universal language‹ which is created through the translation of abstract visuals into movement and sound. All the cards have a tactile surface, so that individuals who are blind or suffer from visual impairment can partake and connect through different formats and senses. We would like to invite everyone to be part of an environment charged by communal intimacy, within public space. Join us for a performative improvisation and start exploring new ways of getting closer to each other by entering a non-verbal dialogue!

Juan Betancurth

His work has a collective and performative aspect. Betancurth is interested in the deconstruction of cultural archetypes to create new concepts of the object, the body, gender, and identity. His installations, sculptures, videos, and actions are often opportunities to inhabit spaces and promote new interactions with the public, awakening a morbid curiosity that encourages spontaneous interactions with his worHe has exhibited internationally in countries such as Colombia, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, England, Germany, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, and North Korea, among others.

Romany Dear

Romany Dear (UK/DE) (she/they) is a queer performer, artist, researcher and social worker whose practice moves across arts, dance, educational spaces and community organizing. Moving between creating work and performing in the work of others, her work is based on dance as a practice of collective and social action, using translation as a method towards anti ableist ways of moving and of being moved. She is interested in the (Im)possibilities of connecting, cables, plugs and vibrations, hyper in touch – ness, companionship and the messiness of care. Over the last ten years, Romany has performed internationally in Scotland, London, Brussels, Berlin, Colombia, The U.S.A and Brazil. She is part of ›La Cómpania'‹, an inter-disciplinary collective based between Berlin and Bogota.

Daniel Neumann

Daniel Neumann is a sound artist, organizer and audio engineer. He holds a media art masters degree from the Academy of Visual Art Leipzig and studied electronic music composition. A main focus for him is how sound interacts with space and how space and spatial perception can be shaped by sound. He works in hybrid installation-performance formats and understands sound as an intersubjective field enabled by audio procedures. His work has been presented internationally: Zona Maco CDMX, TEA Tenerife, Sinne Helsinki, Pinacoteca Bellas Artes Manizales Colombia, Loop Barcelona; Sculpture Center, etc. He is represented by Fridman Gallery, New York. Curatorially he runs an event series [CT::SWaM] that presents spatial sound works. As an audio engineer, he has been working for Diamanda Galás, BlankForms, Ambient Church, Time:Spans, MoMA PS1, Meredith Monk, Steve Reich, Phill Niblock, Ellen Reid, Missy Mazzoli, David Guetta, ACME, Alarm Will Sound and many more.