2022 Movement Research ACROSS


performance by André Uerba

Saturday, 11 June 2022, 8.30 – 9. 30pm
Galerie Wedding & Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

Seven performers play with concepts of togetherness and explore how the encounter between the performers, the audience, and also the audience members amongst each other, can manifest. Fire Starter #2 is a space for research where the audience can decide on their role: they watch, they move or they dynamically change role. The performers themselves can at times turn into caretakers, “tour” guides that conduct the experience during the piece. Another work by Uerba is INVITING MOMENTS OF STILLNESS, a film presented in Galerie Wedding, touch, slowness and togetherness are key themes. In the film a choreographic-performative exploration of the practice of touch is presented. By slowing down and focussing on the body, he and his co-residents test different forms of becoming acquainted with, and sensing, one another as a means of uncovering togetherness.
This first and second research was presented in the frame of Flutgraben Performances Berlin (2019/2020). The third research was presented on the 23rd of February 2020 in the frame of Dançar é a Minha Revolução in Lisbon. Since then, this project has been on hold.

Luisa Rodriguez
Lyllie Rouvière
Michela Filzi
Manoela Rangel
Marcell Proske
Pauline Payen

André Uerba

André Uerba is a Performer, Choreographer and Filmmaker born in Lisbon. Based in Berlin since 2013, he holds an MA in Arts, Solo/ Dance/ Authorship at HZT Berlin (2015). His projects are united by a particular interest in the poetics that emerge within a slower frame of realisation, where the "meaning" is revealed at another pace. Since 2018 his research is focused within the potentialities of slowness, touch and intimacy in a performative context. In 2018 with the support of Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Espaço do Tempo (PT) he developed the project “Burn Time”, presented in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Spain & Slovenia. In 2019 he developed “Pool of Emotions”, an event/ gathering that researches the relation between intimacy and performing arts. Between 2019 and 2020 he started the project “Fire Starter”, a project where the performers negotiate touch with the audience and vice versa. In 2021 during a 4 weeks residency at radialsystem, Uerba developed the film “Inviting Moments of Stillness”. Later in 2021 he developed the project “A hole the size of your touch”, presented in the frame of BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts (PT). Since 2021 he’s a body worker in training from the Institute for Somatic Learning, Sexuality and Bodywork (ISB Berlin).