2022 Movement Research ACROSS

PAUSE & Unfolding Dreams

Workshops by Anna Nowicka

Sunday, 5 June 2022, 1.30 – 5.30pmGalerie Wedding – Space for Contemporary Art
PAUSE is a workshop. Within every pause lies the potential of an exploration of the act of stopping. Nowicka is interested in pauses as particular states of being within dancing; pauses as a quiet, expanded space to sense, feel and respond.
“Unfolding dreams” is an invitation to plunge into recent night dreams and to collectively unravel their deeper meanings. It is a two hour workshop where one dream will be chosen and "opened", following the dream opening® procedure from The School of Images.

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka is a Berlin-based choreographer working with dreams and embodied imagination. She aims at unfolding the body into a resourceful, alive, ever flowing entity, able to be responsive and present. Graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), MA Choreography at the HfS Ernst-Busch / HZT in Berlin and MA Psychology at the Warsaw University, she wrote her practice based PhD on embodied awareness as the foundation for being present at the Polish Film School in Łódź. She is a certified Saphire® teacher of Dr. Catherine Shainberg’s “The School of Images'', developing her own choreographic language based on the work' s principles. Anna is a certified Practitioner in Dreaming and Imagery from the International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery® where she is the Director of the Dream Your World® Kids program.

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