2022 Movement Research ACROSS

Best Wishes for Wedding

Performance by Carrie Hampel

Saturday, 30 July 2022, 7 - 8pm
Rathausvorplatz Wedding / Wedding Town Hall Square

For Best Wishes for Wedding, artist, acrobat, and future mobility journalist Carrie Hampel will present an acrobatic spectacle. The public ceremony is created from the sound material the artist collected from vox populi interviews with residents and workers in Berlin-Wedding about their wishes for the district. These wishes make up the basis of rhythmic sound pieces to which cyclist acrobats perform a colourful, geometric and circus-like choreography.

Carrie Hampel

Carrie Hampel (pronoun: she/her) is an autodidactic interdisciplinary performing artist, writer and researcher based in Berlin. Her performances are made in public and non-theatre spaces using acrobatic movement, text and music purposed in narratives to explore pressing themes. Her work as a freelance researcher, writer and journalist is focused on the end of the oil age and sustainable transport. Carrie creates deeply participatory artworks that break through audience-artist boundaries. She is currently exploring the use of bicycles as socio-artistic instruments.

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