2022 Movement Research ACROSS


Hiphop Performance by Éva Mag / Krump Berlin

Friday, 3 June 2022, 5 – 8pm & Saturday, 4 June 2022, 4 – 7pm
Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

Together with Krump dancers Mario Perez Amigo, Timothy SteelRage Kakeeto, MICKY KNOXX, Nicole Kufeld, Iman Gele, Joel Borgel and DJ Peter Holm, artist Éva Mag engages in a durational hip hop performance investigating the term “plethora” (Greek: “excess”) with the help of clay, latex, krump and music. Krumping is a street dance characterised by expressive, exaggerated and highly energetic movement. It conveys raw emotions in a powerful, yet non-violent way.

Éva Mag

Éva Mag received her artistic education at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm where she graduated in 2015.

Mag works with stories about the body, both the human and the sculptural. She is interested in the history of sculpture, impossible amorphous forms, strict formal modernist morphology as well as proportions and geometric balance.
Another part of her practice is devoted to archiving her work process: through the camera lens, Mag tracks the change happening in her art work, documenting the pure fabrics of hollow bodies before they are being filled with clay and wax later on.

Since the social aspect of art plays an important role in her artistic approach, Mag often engages in outreach work with sculpture workshops or collaborates with artists from diverse disciplines such as choreography and performance.

In 2019, Mag took part in Performa 19, New York City, with the performance "Dead Matter Moves" at Judson Memorial Church. Mag was featured in her largest solo exhibition to date, 'Det finns en plan för det här', at Bonniers Konsthall, 2020. Later she realised "Proceed the Procedure", one of her key performances at Bierpinsel, 2021.