2022 Movement Research ACROSS

Party Alone

concert by Namosh

Friday, 10 June 2022 at 9 pm
Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

"Namosh mirrors his music on a physical level to the point that it is difficult to separate art from artist. With expressive movements not unlike a silent film actor, a story takes shape through motion as well as sound. He could at times be perceived as a character or persona, were it not for an undercurrent of sincerity and lack of pretense. On his new album "Party Alone" - the follow up to "Music Muscle" (2018), there is a further refinement in production style and intricacy of arrangement. Despite this high level of detail, the album contains a spontaneous, unpredictable quality as well. It is captivating at once, but still takes time to fully evolve and take its place in the subconscious." (Travis Taylor)


Namosh or Namosh E. Arslan is a German singer, musician, performance artist, actor and DJ of Kurdish descent and is known for his eccentric and wild live performances. He has worked with a lot of well known artists and musicians such as Peter Thomas, Wolfgang Müller and Angie Reed, performing or producing music together with them. In the music magazine Q, Björk described Namosh's song "Cold Cream" as her favourite song of 2005. The song appeared on his first album Moccatongue, which was released in 2006, followed by Keep It for Later (2009). Namosh's album Music Muscle (2018) was released by the record label Weltgast as well as his new album Party Alone which will be released on 12 June 2022.