2022 Movement Research ACROSS

Deep (body) Movement (for restricted spaces)

In-situ soundscape by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez

Friday, 10 June 2022, 3 – 5 PM
Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

Introduction to the techniques of Deep (body) Movement (for restricted spaces)Everyday our bodies are placed into enforced situations from living in co-inhabited spaces to travelling on public transport and conforming to social rules and conventions in public spaces. Our bodies are not always comfortable or welcome in these spaces because of different forms of discrimination. Deep (body) Movement (for restricted spaces) can help you to:Take back power over your body.Own your personal space.Reclaim public space.Reawaken your body.Free your creativity. Deep (body) Movement (for restricted spaces) can be used in situations where your body is restricted or is placed in stressful positions or fearful conditions.This method aims to activate and self-empower whilst remaining undercover by using your body and livelihood in a way that is so slow and discreet and hardly visible.The artist Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez will teach you her method, which you can develop to create your own techniques through exploration and play.It can be performed by everyone and experienced within yourself. Deep (body) Movement (for restricted spaces)is useful for:Enforced long standing periods such as queuing.Hard and/or boring working conditions orTravelling in cramped environments.Taking a break while still appearing workingReconnecting to or using sensuality and playfulness.Having a dance with one self.

Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez

Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is a Colombian visual artist, electronic sound producer and bodyworker who grew up in Medellin, Colombia, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and in the Ruhr area, Germany. After studying at Kunsthochschule Düsseldorf with Rosemarie Trockel and at the Royal College of Art in London she now lives and works in Berlin.
Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in institutions and galleries including the ICA, London, CCA, Glasgow, Gagosian Madison Avenue, New York, Outpost Norwich, UK, Maraya Art Centre, Maraya Art Park in Sharjah, and Barbican, London.