2022 Movement Research ACROSS


hosted by Tatjana Mahlke & Sonia Robak (House Szene Berlin)

Saturday, 11 June 2022, 2 – 6.30pm
Rathausvorplatz / Town Hall Square

JAM ACROSS combines different street dance styles such as breaking, hip hop, popping, house and waacking into one single jam. One hour each of funk, hip hop and house music in their finest form. The House Jam also serves as a qualifier for the dance battle that follows - House 7 to Smoke. No matter which level you are, everyone is welcome to jam!

Tatjana Mahlke & Sonia Robak

Tatjana Mahlke and Sonia Robak met each other through Berlin's house dance scene, while organizing „urbandanceberlin“, an initiative to bring together the different urban dance scenes of Berlin. 
Tatjana Mahlke is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher from Berlin.
She graduated in 2019 at the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz (Higher School for Contemporary and Urban Dance) in Zurich. Her choreographic works integrate community-building dances such as hip-hop, house or breaking, into a contemporary stage context. Her current solo "Circles" premiered 2021 as part of Tanz im August. With her collective Zookunft.Project, she develops projects with sustainable approaches, promoting interdisciplinary work.
Dr. Sonia Robak is a dancer, dance teacher and dance community activist. Her focus is on house dance. She is organiser of House Session and Housemates - The event about You & Your House in Berlin.
Her practical and teaching experience in psychology, media psychology basics of communication and social media already brought her to various management, leadership, organizational and team care positions.