2021-2022 Existing Otherwise

REIF presents 01

listening session

10 December 2021 at 6 pm at Galerie Wedding

In the occasion of its first record release, Isabel Lewis and Dirk Bell invite REIF at INTIM/E for a listening occasion.

invited and organized by Marcelo Alcaide.


6 - 6.30PM
RICHARD KENNEDY (live reading)
6.30 - 8PM
8 - 8.30PM
ULR (live)
8.30 - 10PM

Please note: Participation according to 2G + test – access only for vaccinated or recovered persons who bring a negative Antigentest result of the last 24h. We recommend that you continue to wear a mask in the exhibition room. Those who cannot receive vaccinations for health reasons may visit the exhibition with a medical certificate and a recent negative PCR test result.

For its first compilation - 01, REIF invited artists that were involved with REIF in its early stages and next generation collaborators to contribute a piece of sonic art. These works take form as sonic offerings to REIF, the memories created, and the future work to actualize together.

REIF understands sound as the chosen instrument for political catharsis that artists explore. Sound in itself encompasses a broad reflection of the times– whatever is happening or changing in the world, we “hear” it. As sound curators, it is their commitment to crystalize these cathartic sounds and give them new forms, preventing them from being lost or forgotten; buried or silenced.

With the abrupt disruption of society as we knew it, countercultural communities were forced to deal with our spaces for play vanishing, forcing these to imagine new spaces we could migrate - simultaneously reinforcing the need for thought expansion and a reimagined a safe space.

REIF is a multifaceted cultural movement that actualizes through record releases and community activations - these actions deepen the conversation between artists and audience, and this new intersectional 01 compilation is a collision that allows culture at large to connect deeper in order to collectively progress into an expanded future.


01.Tabloid Press - Orchid
02.Wolfgang Tillmans / FRAGILE - Certain Sensitivity (Live at Boffo 2018)
03.Sene - Junq Sonorum
04.Jeff Mills - Hatsumi
05.Cali Rose - Divinus
06.Karl Holmqvist - Call your Girlfriend
07.Asmara - Soul Dramatique
08.Fabaitos - B2U
09.Franziska Lantz - Meshe [Global Warming Records]
10.Wild Daughter - Leckerman
11.Richard Kennedy - FYEO
12.Juan Ramos - Iniciado
13.BOTO - Manco
14.rRoxymore - DE-Centered
15.MadAlba - Gonna do with you

More background info on REIF

REIF began as a celebration. Our primary goals in curating events was to craft multicultural happenings in which different expressions of thought, identity, play, and experience could intersect within intimate safe spaces. We submitted to chance and embraced uncertainty, trusting that our care and attention to each element would ensure that everyone would have their voice equally heard.

The results moved beyond our dreams– birthing collaborations, conflicts, friendships and zones, as waxed by Hakim Bey in his essay “The temporary autonomous Zone”.
For a moment constraints of society seemed to be uplifted.

These happenings led to now create our homonymous sound label, thus giving life to our first release series.

For our running residency at Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneve's 5th floor, we invited a group of artists taking part in the two first releases of our label, 01 & 02 - to give form to varying cultural instigation strategies in order to investigate how we as a community can reignite the fires of night culture and create new ways of gathering as the world reopens. Reverberating from their bodies, new works, and untold stories; the artists collectively illustrate how sound can be a means of resistance.

Prioritising experiences that don’t align with patriarchal values, we use art as a vehicle to craft new realities. Movement and sound are ancient technologies we engage with throughout the residency, specifically the ways they manifest and morph in contemporary club culture. We amplify sound, the chosen instrument, for political catharsis and social change.

Sonic Catharsis (sound as political manner) - REIF for Centre d’Art Contemporain de Geneve's 5th Floor - formalizes the work we have done outside of institutional spaces in order to reach new audiences, crafting a space for engagement with sound in a hyper contemporary manner.